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Pretty in Pink..

So recently I have made a number of "pink bakes" so I thought it would be a nice idea to write a little about my two favourites!

The first is this very simple cake, a vanilla sponge filled with vanilla buttercream.. But decorated with a pale pink buttercream and topped with matching swirls - with the added touch of white shining pearls. Just showing that sometimes the simplest of flavours and simplest of designs really can be eye catching. Even more so when placed upon this beautiful mirrored lace stand I was very kindly sent by Melody Maison {}. They have an online home store stocking a range of products from mirrors, lamps, wedding decorations to kitchenware products like this stand, and I definitely recommend everyone to check it out!


Next up are these pink ombre mini cupcakes, placed in monogram letters. The perfect gift or even display. These cupcakes could have all been made in the same shade of pink - but I think the three different tones from light to dark, in an ombre effect give a depth to the look of the cakes and lift them from being all identical.

The cakes beneath these ombre swirls were mini chocolate chip and double chocolate chip cupcakes, an everyday vanilla or chocolate mix with an addition of milk chocolate chips.


Here is a gallery of a few other pink bakes I have made, from cupcakes, to drip cakes, and marshmallow flowers!

Make sure to be following me on my instagram to keep up with all the new pictures.. {} x x

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