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  • How much notice should I give to place an order?
    Please contact me at least two weeks prior to the date you would like your order so I can ensure I have all the ingredients for your order.
  • What information should I include in my order?
    Please include the following information: I get a lot of enquiries so for the most effiecient response, please copy and paste the following and delete the responses as appropriate. -The date you would like to recieve your order: dd/mm/yy -The product: Cake, Cupcakes, Cake squares or pizza cake -The flavour: Vanilla, Chocolate, Red Velvet, Lemon, Coffee (Other: please specify) -The filling: Buttercream only, Buttercream + Jam -The size of the cake (if applicable): Mini (4''), 6'', 8'', 10'' - Number of cupcakes: 6 regular, 12 regular, 12 mini, 15 mini -The colour scheme you would like: (*feel free to attach an image of desired colour scheme) - Whether you would like a topper and the text you want for the topper - If you would like your order delivered - Additional details or queries:
  • How do I place an order?
    To place an order please DM me on my Instagram page @ennahs.cakes or email me at
  • Do you offer delivery?
    Yes, I can offer delivery depending on your location and the number of orders I have to complete. During busy times I may not be able to deliver orders. Orders can also be picked up from Leeds.
  • Can I make some changes to the design?
    Yes ! You can choose whatever colour scheme or piping pattern you would like. However I don't sell fondant cakes so my cakes are decorated with buttercream.
  • What flavours do you sell?
    I do all the classics. My most popular cake flavours are vanilla, chocolate, lemon, red velvet and coffee. If you would like another flavour please get in touch and I'll see what I can do ! If you'd like a chocolate overload cake, just let me know your favourite choclates and I'll see what I can do !
  • How many cupcakes are in a box?
    I sell my regular sized cupcakes in boxes of 6 or 12. Mini cupcakes come in a box of 12 or 15.
  • What size cakes do you sell?
    4''- Feeds around 4 people 6'' - Feeds around 8-10 people 8'' - Feeds around 10-14 people 10''- Feeds around 20 people Please note: These are approximations with generous slices
  • Do you do gift sets?
    Yes, if you look over at my products page, you can find my: 1. 'mini gift set', which includes, 8 cupcakes and a mini 4'' cake 2. Cake squares set: 4 individual cake squares in a clear gift case - If you have something else in mind, leave me a message on Instagram and I'll see what i can do !
  • I NEED more satisfying videos where can I find them??
    Most of my videos are posted on my instagram, but there's a few hidden gems on my Tiktok page which you can find here!
  • What equipment do you use?
    I have linked the nozzles, food colours and tins that I use on my Amazon storefront which can be found here
  • How do you make your buttercream?
    Glad you asked! I've made a whole video tutorial on how to make my buttercream which you can find over at
  • How can I learn how to pipe?
    I've got a course dedicated to learning all the steps to get the perfect, smooth piping. You can learn a variety of piping patterns and mix and match to develop your own style ! Visit my course website at for more info!
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