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Mini Victoria Sponge..

A Victoria Sponge cake can definitley be described as Britain’s all-time favorite cake, it is an English classic that first had its recipe published in 1861. It is composed of two sponge cakes sandwiched together with whipped cream and jam in between.

When I was very kindly sent some jars of Boddington's Berries Preserves {}, I knew one of the bakes I was going to make had to be a 'naked' Victoria sponge cake.

Boddington’s Berries is a family run business which started in the 1940’s. Cooking in their house, Boddington’s strawberry jam began, containing only strawberries, sugar and a splash of lemon juice. Cooked using a traditional open pan method. Their strawberry conserve (which I used in this recipe) contains 80g of fruit per 100g, and has real strawberry pieces in it.

I made two vanilla sponges, and sandwiched them with swirls of freshly whipped cream, and spoonfuls of the Boddington's Berries Preserve.

I topped the cake with slices of fresh strawberries, to add some colour and extra texture to the cake. Then it was all dusted with spoonfuls of icing sugar..

Incredibly simple, but incredibly tasty. I will definitely be using some other flavours of Preserves by Boddington's Berries, so look out for that and definitely check them out on their social media pages and website.

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