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Chocolate Cupcake Twists..

Two chocolate cupcakes, with two very contrasting flavours! Made using products very kindly sent to me by Lotus Biscoff and Simply Candy.

The Lotus cupcakes were filled with a caramel drizzle, and topped with a vanilla buttercream. Piped using my favourite nozzle, the Wilton 2D. They were decorated with a sprinkle of biscuit crumb, and a full biscuit on top. Because if you were finding it difficult to decide between biscuit or cake - this way you can have both! Check out lotus biscuits and their wide range of products, like biscuit spreads - also look out for this in a cake soon..

The next set of cupcakes was a take on the classic black forrest gateaux. These again were a chocolate sponge, and vanilla buttercream. But instead of the usual cherry glaze, or filling - I went for a crunchy texture of crushed hard sweets. Using the cherry flavoured candy by Simply Candy, a Leeds based sweet company, I crushed and sprinkled these over the cupcakes. Just to complete the cupcakes - I topped them with a fresh cherry. This was just one of the many flavours that Simply Candy make their flavoured candies in and I definitely recommend following them on their social media accounts (they do lots of competitions!) and checking out their website

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