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Lemon & Raspberry Flower Cake..

From the bright yellow in the lemon curd, to the fresh edible flowers on the outside, this cake is definitely summery. It's a perfect cake to make you forget about what it really looks like outside, and to just imagine a warm summers day. With the simple vanilla sponge, filled with refreshing layers of lemon curd, and seeded raspberry jam, it tasted just as nice as it looked!

I was very kindly sent a jar of Lemon Curd and Raspberry Jam by Rosebud Preserves {}, a Yorkshire based company who sell a range of Jams, Jellies, Marmalades, Relishes and also Chutneys. The Lemon Curd is described as being "The classic fruit curd. Buttery, bright and alivewith citrus." whereas the Raspberry Jam was described as "The classic English sweet/sharp jam, prepared with generous quantities of fruit.".

In the cake I made, I incorporated both flavours into one cake, so the buttery taste of the lemon curd could balance out the sharp taste of the jam. Alongside the vanilla buttercream and sponge, the textures and tastes were a perfect match.

I was also sent a range of edible flowers by Herbs Unlimited {}. Before I decorated the cake with the flowers, I covered the cake in a white vanilla buttercream. I then delicately pulled individual petals from the range of flowers I sent and began placing these around the cake, ensuring there was no clash in the colours. On the top of the cake I placed the deep purple flowers on the edge, and then filled the centre with a light pink flowers, to almost give an ombre effect.

Overall I was really pleased with the look of the cake, and as I said on Instagram - the best cakes are not just those that look good on the outside but also on the inside! Thank you once again to both Rosebud Preserves and Herbs Unlimited for sending me the products, please go check them out and follow them on their social media accounts!

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